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3 Reasons to Use Directional Signage to Sell Your House

In the new age of digital advertising, many traditional methods are being thrown to the side. Although, as a person who has bought and sold so many houses, what I’ve found is that I want multiple ways to find my prospects in order to produce the best results. It’s better to have multiple ways to find one prospect than one way to find multiple prospects.

3 reasons to use directional signage to sell your house

One caveat, check with your local city ordinances regarding signage. The city of Raleigh NC regulates the placement of signage for advertising and campaigning.  Go online to your city and county website to check for the ordinances in your local area.

#1. Drives Local Traffic

directionalsignageResidential real estate is a local business. You’ll most likely be finding your buyer who is actively searching your area. Directional signage, especially when used in close proximity to major highways and intersections, can be a great way to drive active home searches to your home for sale.

#2. Multiple Ways To Find Your Buyer

tradvsdigitalIt is said that it is better to have multiple ways to find one buyer than to have one way to find multiple buyers. The reason for this is that some forms of marketing may not produce the desired results for many reasons. Using multiple forms of both digital and traditional marketing puts the odds in your favor for finding the right buyer for your home.

#3. It Works!

I have always had positive results from directional signage, especially on Saturdays. itworksThere have been several properties that I have sold where the buyer found my house for sale because of one of my signs. Even though I use multiple forms of marketing to find my prospects, mainly digital, I still use this time tested traditional method to help buyers find my house for sale.

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