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3 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Raleigh

3 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Raleigh

Do you own a home you want to sell? You may want to read this entire article before you reach out to an agent. The traditional real estate market is not a perfect fit for every property or seller, for that matter. The industry standards for listing homes have evolved; staging properties and high-quality digital imagery now highlight every detail. If your home needs a lot of repairs, the multiple listing service (MLS) may not be the best place to market the house. Most first-time homebuyers will be obtaining a loan from a bank, and the bank can deny the loan due to the condition of the home. . and you may not find this out until after you are under contract!

Often, it becomes more challenging to handle the day-to-day maintenance, and the repair bills that begin to add up as the property and the owners increase in age. Financial issues can also put a damper on keeping homes in tip-top condition. Many times when a home that needs a lot of work is put on the MLS it will receive a lot of “sight-unseen” offers only to have these offers renegotiated after the home inspection.

Read on as we explore 3 unconventional ways to sell your house in Raleigh.


This can be a good strategy for newer homes built after 2000 that only need some new carpeting and paint. This wouldn’t be a good strategy for a house that needed major repair. The advantage of selling on a rent-to-own is that you can make a more significant profit on the sale of your home; however, it will take a few years to realize fully. For the trouble of holding onto the property and providing the opportunity to your buyers, you can sell at an above-market price and charge higher monthly rent. Typically, these contracts include an extra monthly payment towards the down payment in addition to the monthly rent. As a result, buyers enjoy a homeownership experience while you realize higher profits on the sale.

The downside is that you will be a landlord and will be required to maintain the property in habitable condition. This would exclude new paint and minor cosmetic items but would include maintaining expensive items such as HVAC. Additionally, you can lose out on future appreciation if you lock in the purchase price, via the option, at a price lower than market value. In other words, it’s hard to know what the house will be worth 2 or 3 years down the road.


Another unconventional way to sell your house in Raleigh is to utilize the “do it yourself” or for sale by owner method. This is when you list and market the home yourself. You will schedule all the showings, take all the calls, do all the negotiations, and qualify any and all potential buyers. Should you choose this route, you must understand that the primary job of a real estate agent is to market your home. To compete against other listings, you will need the same prep work, high-quality digital photography, and online exposure for the same results. Additionally, these sellers typically value their home using less than conventional means, and when the price is not right, the sale just does not happen. Overpriced homes sit because the tech-savvy buyers of today are fully aware of how much house they can buy for the amount you’re asking. s.

Direct Sale to a Cash Home Buyer

One of the most unfamiliar of these unconventional ways to sell your house in Raleigh is the direct sale to a local cash home buyer. With the help of technology more and more consumers are able to complete transactions without leaving their homes. Consumers can order food, get coffee, get quotes for insurance, buy and sell a car, via a smartphone! By selling directly to a direct buyer you don’t have to hire an agent or do any marketing. You can go online and talk with someone who will give you a direct offer. And not just a regular offer..and as-is offer! Meaning you can sell your house without doing any repairs, or cleaning. Added to these benefits is the flexibility of setting the closing date around your schedule; we can close in as little as seven days or hold off until you’re ready. If you’re considering an unconventional way to sell your house in Raleigh, why not talk to an expert at Wake County Home Buyers first. Our direct buyers at Wake County Home Buyers will detail each process step by step, taking the time to listen to any of your concerns, so you can decide what is best for you. Contact Wake County Home Buyers today at (919) 473-6885.

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