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5 Reasons To Choose Me Over an Agent

With the amount of content available on the internet, sellers have a lot of options.  So, why choose me over an agent?  Why should you do business with me instead of listing your home for sale?  Here are 5 reasons to choose me over an agent!

1-You hire an agent to FIND you a buyer for a fee

If you have read my article on hiring an agent, you already know that it takes some leg-work to find the right one.  When you finally find person, and there are plenty of great agents out there, you are hiring them to find you a buyer for a fee.  The agent that you hire is not going to be the one to buy your house.  You are paying them a fee, up to 6% of the sales price of your home, to find a buyer on your behalf.

I am the buyer–look no further!

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2-Speed–I can buy much faster than a retail buyer

If you do decide to hire a realty company, you have to go through the process of showing your home to strangers, keeping the home staged, and the other hassles that come with selling on the MLS.

Once a buyer is found, there is a natural period of negotiation as well as a due-diligence period.  Then there is the time it takes for the buyer to qualify for a loan.  In today’s world of intense baking regulation is can take 60 days for the buyer to receive their loan funds from the bank and close the transaction.

3-You won’t have to pay any real estate commissions

Agents don’t work for free and they need to be compensated for their time.  It is common for realty companies in Raleigh NC to charge 6% of the gross sales price as a brokerage fee.  Some will charge other fees for assisting with the closing of the transaction—read the fine print!  So, if you’re selling a $200,000 house and have contracted to pay a 6% brokerage fee you will have to pay $12,000–That’s a lot of money!

5 reasons to choose me over an agent

4-I will not ask you to pay any of my closing costs!

It is common to have to pay closing costs on behalf of the buyer.  I’ve bought and sold many houses in my time, and when selling a house to an owner occupant it has cost me an average of 10% of the gross sales price to close the transaction.  This would come out to $20,000 to sell a $200,000 home.

Buyers have to come up with a down payment, and all the other fees that accompany the largest single purchase of their lifetime.  Many times it’s necessary to help them with these costs to get the transaction closed.  If you sell to me you will NOT have to pay any of these costs!  In fact, depending on your situation, I may even pay ALL of your closing costs!

Image Credit - Hubspot
Image Credit – Hubspot

5-Simple agreements!

Remember what I said above about reading the fine print?  The current “Standard” Offer to Purchase and Contract used by agents in North Carolina is over 11 pages long!  These agreements are written by huge teams of attorney’s to protect the interests of the agents involved.  I use simple 1 – 3 page agreements that anyone can understand with no fine print!  I’m very upfront and honest about what I can, and can’t, do for you.

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