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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC

With the growth of the American population, what used to be small town in the middle-of-nowhere, are now flourishing cities.  The city of Raleigh is one of those cities.  The state capitol of North Carolina has seen rapid growth and prosperity over the last 10 years.  Although still smaller than its sister city in Charlotte, there are many reasons to buy a home in Raleigh.

5 Reasons to buy a home in raleigh nc
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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC

Big City, Small City Hospitality

Raleigh, NC is growing rapidly and provides the best of both worlds in terms of a big city vibe coupled with its’ comforting southern hospitality.  As of 2016, Raleigh had a population of 458,880, but elite neighborhoods such as Brier Creek, Stonehenge, and Oakwood give Raleigh a community feel that is unique to the city.

Downtown Raleigh
5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC
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Downtown Raleigh has a lot to offer local homeowners.  Downtown has a tremendous nightlife environment and an ample selection of locally owned nano-breweries.  One of the largest breweries is the Raleigh Beer Garden, which has 366 beers on tap. That figure officially allowed the Raleigh Beer Garden to surpass Munich, Germany as the largest beer garden in the world.  The wide variety of beer coupled with the multitude of dining options creates a foodie’s paradise.  Restaurants like Bida Manda, Gravy, Sono Sushi, and the Pit Authentic Barbeque are just a few examples of stellar dining choices that local homeowners are presented with.

Options for fun the whole family can enjoy include trips to parks and museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the North Carolina Museum of Art, and the North Carolina Kids Museum, along with Historic Yates Mill County Park, Pullen Park, Mordecai Historic Park and several others fun destinations for family activities.

Income & Affordability
5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC
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The average base salary for Raleigh NC is $54,388  which gives the city’s residents purchasing power to buy their own home.  With the average home value being $284,000, most residents can afford to live comfortably and share in the American dream.

With 20,000+ jobs on the market, residents are provided with a wide selection for their careers.

Research Triangle Park (RTP) is a primary job hub where several major companies are headquartered such as Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, Biogen IDEC, and several others.  RTP is one of the several unique facets of the city and is a primary attraction for new potential homeowners.  

Location & Climate
5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Raleigh, NC
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A few hours separate Raleigh from mountain towns like Boone, along with Wilmington and the Atlantic coast.  Being placed in-between the coast and mountains gives Raleigh a mild year-round weather cycle.  Raleigh enjoys an annual high temperature of 71.3 degrees Fahrenheit and an annual low of 50.3 degrees Fahrenheit.  This compares to a 76-degree high and 35-degree low average in New York, along with a 76-degree high and 35-degree low average in Florida.  This weather pattern is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities, or even those who may commute to work on foot or by bike.

The mild weather is appealing to buyers who may be re-locating from northern states with harsh winters or states like Florida that experience brutal summers.

Public Transportation

There are various forms of public transit in the city.  Multiple bus systems run throughout the city during the day and night time.  The Capital Area Transit provides a free shuttle to downtown destinations for locals and visitors alike.

Taxi services are plentiful in the downtown area as well as around RDU International Airport.  RDU International is a major airport in the state of North Carolina.  There are several options when looking to transit to the airport from the city.  Aside from the busing to and from the airport, most hotels offer shuttles to RDU.

When making the decision on where to buy your next home, take into consideration all that Raleigh has to offer from its mild weather to the plentiful job opportunities, and the great downtown environment.  Raleigh has a lot to offer families of all different backgrounds and circumstances and we believe your family would fit right in!

Written by Atticus Ferguson, a sophomore at East Carolina University (ECU) studying marketing and minoring in political science.  His focus in marketing shifts towards the digital side, social media in particular.  Check out Atticus on LinkedIn 

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