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9 Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

Even if you are in a good market for selling real estate, or “Seller’s Market” as they say, you may be having difficulty selling your house. Luckily, some of the problems are easy to identify. And they are often just as easy to fix.

One of the most important factors is “curb appeal,” and many of the reasons discussed here fall into that category. Simply, the home must look appealing both online and in person.

Below are the nine most common reasons your house is not selling along with some things you can do about it.

9 Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling..

1. The Sale Price is too High

Even if the real estate market where you live is favorable, the reason your house is not selling could be the price. If you are in a seller’s market, then it’s possible your home could sell right away at your highest target price. Though, that doesn’t often happen.

Hoping for the best and planning for it are two different things. Your house could sit on the market for a while. If it’s priced too high, it could sit even longer, or indefinitely.

It is best to be realistic with your pricing. You or your real estate agent can compare your property to similar ones in the area to get an idea of a reasonable price.

Another trouble area is adding the cost of a recent repair or renovation to your asking price. A renovation doesn’t automatically translate to a higher value.

2. You Need to Make Home Improvements

No one wants to pour time and money into a home only to sell it. After all the time and money spent, you leave the home and start again with your new home. If your asking price is for a home in good condition, but your house is not selling, then you may need to invest in some home improvements and upgrades.

For example, if the houses in the surrounding area have upgraded kitchens, you may want to invest in a fancier faucet or refresh the cabinets with new knobs and handles.

The amenities in your home should be comparable to those in surrounding homes. While you don’t want to remodel the entire kitchen, these simple upgrades go a long way.

3. Issues with Your Home’s Title

Another reason your house is not selling could be a problem with the title. If there is an issue with the title of your home, buyers are hesitant to purchase the home.

Some common issues include liens on the home, even those showing in error. Another is a conveyance without a deed on file. This often happens when homes transfer between family members.

These issues take a little time to iron out. The best plan of attack is to contact the title company and see if there are any issues. Then waste no time in resolving any issues present.

4. Your Listing Is Sub Par

At least 90% of home buyers begin their search online. They decide whether or not to see a listing in person based on the listing photos.

If you have few or poor-quality photos, many buyers will move on to the next listing. Likewise, if the photos show a cluttered or dark home, they will quickly lose interest.

Whenever possible, have a professional stage and then photograph your home. Photos should provide a positive representation of the interior and exterior of the home.

If the written description of your listing is also mediocre, buyers are going to pass it by. The listing should highlight the unique features of the home. That combined with the sharp photographs will increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

5. Your Agent Is Not Good With People

Once in a while, the issue is not with your house. Your real estate agent is the first person potential buyers meet.

If the agent is over-scheduled and slow to respond, that could be the reason your house is not selling. Buyers will be hesitant if the real estate agent is somehow off-putting.

Also, if your agent presents a less than friendly and professional demeanor, you will have less interest past that first communication. If you’re getting feedback that your agent is difficult to deal with, you may need to search for a new one.

6. The Home Has an Odor

Every home has a scent, though the homeowners rarely notice it. And most of the time it’s not an issue. But, if your home has a pet or other odor in it, it’s best to deal with that before showing your home.

Sometimes that is as simple as adding a scented candle or baking cookies just before showing the home. An inviting smell adds to a good first impression.

If the odor in your home is strong and persistent, you would be wise to determine the cause. Even if you gave up smoking months ago, for example, the smell might be lingering in your carpets and drapes.

Also, be sure to rule out mold and mildew. Both of those have strong odors when if you allow them to build up.

7. You Have Outdated Appliances

If your home has outdated kitchen appliances, consider replacing them before showing your home. Buyers like the look of updated appliances. But they are also interested in efficiency and reliability.

If your appliances look like they will break down at any moment, that is a turnoff for potential buyers. If that old electric stove is 20 years old, buyers will know that it’s most likely an energy hog as well.

This goes for your larger systems as well. If you know your HVAC is on its last leg, that will affect your asking price.

Air conditioners and heaters aren’t an aesthetic issue, but they will come up during the home inspection. Sometimes all you need to do is service your HVAC to restore it to peak performance.

8. You Are Present During Showings

Buyers should be able to walk through the home and speak freely. They may have a hard time doing that if you are present. It puts unwanted pressure on them when you think about it.

In short, let your agent take care of showings. Arrange to be out of the home when your agent shows your house. For an open house, you most certainly want to schedule a day outing and let your agent do what he or she does best.

9. You Are Sentimentally Attached to Your Home

Family homes are more than just real estate. They hold many memories.

While you may be taking your personal items with you, you are leaving the physical home behind. If you are too attached to your home, you may encounter problems.

If part of you doesn’t want to sell your home, you may have difficulty coming to an agreement with a potential buyer. Almost any buyer offers less than your asking price. It’s up to you to be logical in your decision-making.

Now That You Know Why Your House Is Not Selling…

If you think that any of the reasons listed are why your house is not selling, it’s time to do something about it. Work with your real estate agent to make your home more appealing to buyers, whether than be adjusting the asking price or restaging it for photographs and an open house.

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