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House in Fuquay Bought For Cash – Case Study

House in Fuquay Bought For Cash - Real Cash Home Buyers
Michael Toronto:
This is Michael Toronto. I’m in front of one of my rehabs right now. And this house was interesting in that the owner of this house, the seller, they had contacted me and they weren’t sure where they were going to move. And I told them that right now, since the inventory is at record lows, they were going to have trouble finding something. So, we’re negotiating a little bit on the purchase price, but in order to be able to buy this house, I had to sell them one of my existing houses. And that was one that was in Willow Springs that was a ranch style house on a full acre that they really like. They like the neighborhood, they like the neighbors, and in exchange for selling them that house at a discount, I was able to buy this house at a slight discount, and this is now going to be retailed.

So that was a good win-win situation. A problem solving approach rather than just kind of throwing money around. It’s two people sitting down saying, “Okay, what are your goals? How can I help you?” And just reaching a win-win solution that works for everybody. And they were nice enough to leave me a testimonial on my website, which I’m always very appreciative of.

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