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House We Bought For Cash – Arendell St in Zebulon NC

House We Bought For Cash -  Arendell St in Zebulon NC

Wake County Home Buyers. I’m at one of our most recent projects in Zebulon NC. This seller was going to renovate the house on their own–a DIY renovation. But as you can see down here, many times these renovations are more in-depth than they seem. Once they removed the tile they exposed wood rot in the subflooring. The water seemed to be leaking from the shower.

So I’m going to have a licensed contractor finish the demo, redo the shower, repair the subflooring, and all the joists. This is a good example of how selling a house as-is benefits the seller and the buyer. Banks will not loan on a house in this condition because it is deemed unsafe to occupy in its current condition. That’s where a local cash home buyer like Wake County Home Buyers comes in. We bought this house for cash in as-is condition. That means that the seller did not repair and was not responsible for any defects in the property because they sold directly to a professional home buyer. The seller just wanted to sell and be done and just sell it as it is, and not deal with the hassle of showings, inspection, so she sold to Wake County Home Buyers.

Bethany, a very nice woman, left us a testimonial because it was easy, fast, and we were able to assist her through the transaction. So this is going to be a great house. We’re putting money into the local economy, and we’re very excited about it.

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