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6 Things You Should Know About Listing Costs When Selling Your House in NC

4 Things You Should Know About Listing Costs When Selling Your House in NC

Naturally, when you consider selling your home, the next thing that may come to your mind are the profits and how you’ll spend them, quickly followed by how much of the funds you’ll pay in commissions, which is the cost of hiring a real estate agent. If you’re considering taking the job of selling your home on yourself to cut corners and save money, you should be aware that only about one in ten homeowners are successful in their FSBO attempts.

A real estate agent advises you on the home’s presentation marketing, brings a qualified buyer to you, and handles the paperwork, deadlines, and scheduling of other industry pros, such as home inspectors. Top agents utilize the latest technology and the most highly trafficked real estate websites to list the property online. Read on as we explore four things you should know about listing costs when selling your house in NC.


If you decide to list your house for sale with an agent you will be expected to prepare the home to get maximum value. This involves a deep clean of the home. The would include cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. All windows, trim, blinds, shudders, baseboards, appliances, fixtures, as well as your furniture and personal items. You have probably heard the term you never get a second chance to make a first impression and that is especially true when selling your home in Raleigh.

As an alternative to listing yourself or with an agent, you can skip the cleaning by selling your home for cash to Wake County Home Buyers

Declutter & Storage

Many people accumulate a lot of personal possessions over the years. The best way to present your home is to declutter it and create an open space. This is accomplished by removing as much furniture, personal items, knick-knacks, family photos, and valuables as possible. This is for presentation and safety purposes. It’s best to remove jewelry, cash, expensive electronics, and other valuables from the home before they disappear. Many times storage units need to be rented where these items can be stored. The cost of storage facilities has been rapidly increasing each month.


As local home buyers, we renovate many houses and resell them. To get the highest price possible we have our houses professionally staged. This costs money but it is a worthwhile investment. Staging includes decorative artwork, strategically placed furniture (couches, chairs, end tables, etc), plants, bedding, end tables, lamps, as well as toiletries. While this is important for selling a home fast, it is also a hassle.

Fees, Commissions, and More Fees

As the seller, you will also pay agents commissions for the buyers as part of the listing costs when selling your house in NC. For a home valued at $300,000, with agent’s commissions ranging from around 5% to 6% of the home’s value, meaning you’ll pay between $15,000 and $18,000 at closing. In addition, you may also owe additional broker fees. This can come in the form of hidden fees (such as document fees) and the like. Always ask what services are included in the listing. Will your agent include staging, marketing, and photography, or are there additional charges for those services?

When you work with a professional investor to buy your property, like the pros at Wake County Home Buyers, you can keep the commissions, fees, and marketing expenses in your pocket, and you won’t even pay any closing costs.


A real estate agent cannot tell you your closing date, nor can they guarantee that your home will sell. The expense of holding the property while it is for sale is another thing you should know about listing costs when selling your house in NC. You are still responsible for the costs of holding property while it is being marketing for sale.

As you wait for buyers to come to your door, it can be agonizingly costly as hours turn into days, weeks, or even months. All the while, your mortgage, insurance, taxes, and monthly utility bills continue to weigh on your shoulders. Regrettably, when some agents set the asking price, they may bend to their client’s demands, listing the property at an unreasonable value, knowing that as days pass and the pressure builds, the sellers will agree to drop the asking price. One problem with this approach is that the longer a home is on the market, the less likely you will sell at the highest possible price. Because of their ability to quickly assess a property’s features and compare it to thousands of other listings, buyers are highly aware of the current market value. Likewise, underpricing a home can cause buyers to assume something is wrong and bypass the property.

However, you will have a guaranteed closing scheduled by making a direct sale to a direct buyer like those at Wake County Home Buyers. For most properties, a direct sale can close in a matter of a few days or weeks, with the convenience of selecting whatever calendar date works best for your plans. 

Wake County Home Buyers

The most important thing you should know about listing costs when selling your house in NC is that they can be avoided. You are not required to pay these costs and fees. How can you avoid all the above? You can decide to sell your home for cash and call Wake County Home Buyers We will buy your home directly, for cash, and save you all of the costs of listing and all of the precious time. At Wake County Home Buyers, we understand that your home is likely the most significant investment of your lifetime, so we stop everything and pay attention to what you have to say. At Wake County Home Buyers, we want to help you overcome any hurdles you may be facing, be they financial or time constraints. Our goal at Wake County Home Buyers is the make the process easy; that is why we explain everything, step by step. Therefore, before deciding which method of home sales is best for your circumstances, why not let a direct buyer from Wake County Home Buyers provide you with a comparison of what you would earn by listing the home on the market vs. our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. Contact Wake County Home Buyers today at (919) 473-6885.

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