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Selling a House As Is (Pet Damage)

Selling a House As Is (Pet Damage)
Speaker 1:
A lot of the houses that we buy as-is are from clients that own lots of pets. A common problem that we are able to solve is selling a house with pet damage. We buy houses in Raleigh as-is, meaning the seller is never asked to make any repairs or clean.
The problem with pet urine is that it can permeate flooring, hardwoods, carpet, padding, including the subflooring.
The only way to remediate the damage is to rip up all the flooring, subflooring, and then seal the subflooring with a special product. We also have to pull out the baseboards and treat the sheetrock. Urine has a high acid content which allows it to permeate the baseboards and the sheetrock. So a year or so ago we had a house we bought and we redid all the flooring, sealed it, including the baseboards. We realized, after the fact, that the urine was seeping through. So we had to then do, just before we’re ready to go onto market, is pull the baseboards and redo the sheetrock behind, which cost us an extra couple thousand dollars at the last minute.

So what this means to you as the home seller is you don’t have to deal with any of the repairs, or odor remediation mentioned above. You could just sell it to us as it is. We don’t care what the house smells like. Now if you try to do it yourself and you spent all that money and then you realize at the last minute that the odor was not remediated, you would not have the money because it was spent and then you would still have difficulty selling the house if you were listing on the market with a realtor. So that’s one of the other benefits of it as is cash sale to a local company.
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