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Explore Your Selling Options Before Signing a Listing Agreement in Raleigh

Explore Your Selling Options Before Signing a Listing Agreement in Raleigh
Selling your home is said to be a significant life stressor. Sometimes it can be just as stressful as starting or losing a job!

It’s best to explore your options before making your final decision. Below are the options you should explore before signing a listing agreement in Raleigh.

For Sale by Owner – FSBO

Many DIY enthusiasts want to tackle the process of selling a house by going “for sale by owner” (FSBO) for short. This has been a popular methodology for those who want to save on the real estate commission and fees (which can be as high as 6%). In today’s market with low inventory and solid demand finding a buyer is very simple. Does this mean you can sell your house without an agent? Yes, you can but there are other factors to be considered.

Finding a qualified buyer that can obtain financing is another story. Also, there is the issue of appraisal, home inspection, repair negotiations, and closing.

There is another hurdle you need to consider. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home sellers were assisted by an agent in the year 2021. Keep in mind that most home buyers are already working with an agent when searching for a house. If you decide to sell FSBO many of the buyers will be working with agents and need to decide if you will cooperate with an agent. Cooperate meaning pay them. The disadvantage, especially in Raleigh is that you will be paying a buyer’s agent to negotiate against you. While you can simply decline to cooperate with an agent you will substantially reduce your pool of buyers.

Working Licensed Real Estate Agent

Freshening up the appearance of your home and making preparations for the inevitable showings and photos for marketing can be time-consuming and expensive; however, agents must meet the highest standards for your listing to stand out among the competition. While speediness is not the strong suit of a real estate agent, time is an essential factor to consider before signing a listing agreement in Raleigh. An agent can verify that your buyers are qualified, coordinate inspections, appraisals, and negotiate on your behalf. At Wake County Home Buyers, we hire a trusted local agent to list all of the houses we buy as-is, renovate, and resell.

Trusted Local Home Buyer

Perhaps the thought of strangers walking through your home or scanning the images of your property online leaves you with a less than comforting feeling. When you’re working with a trusted local home buyer in Raleigh, you can forget about all of the hassles of cleaning, staging, painting, fixing, and all of the other items that are associated with getting a house ready for the market. If you’re in a hurry for the sale proceeds, before signing a listing agreement in Raleigh with an agent, you should know that a trusted local home buyer can buy your house when you are ready. You won’t need to worry about passing the inspection or any delays caused by problems they find or your buyers backing out. The process of selling your house can be made easy when you work with a trusted local home buyer who will make you a cash offer for your home as-is.

Consider calling Wake County Home Buyers before signing a listing agreement. Wake County Home Buyers has the best of all selling options rolled into one. The hybrid agent investors at Wake County Home Buyers want what is best for you, so there is no obligation to work with us and no pressure. We’re your neighbors who live and work here in Raleigh and look forward to helping you with all of your future real estate needs. At Wake County Home Buyers, we’re always fair because we want to ensure you’ll feel good about the deal long after closing. Contact Wake County Home Buyers today at (919) 473-6885.

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