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3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in Raleigh

3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in Raleigh

One interesting thing about the 21st century is the number of options we have available to us. I remember when we wanted to find a local restaurant, plumber, or service we would open up the yellow pages. Remember the big book with over 2,000 pages in it? In today’s economy, we can order food, buy or sell a car, or even buy and sell a house all from our phones. In fact, we can do these things from our phones without having to get off the couch. Convenience rules in the modern economy.

Speaking of convenience …

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a fair price for your home by selling your house to a direct buyer without going through all of the hassles of listing? Imagine selling your home and not having to clean up or keep everything spotless for an impromptu showing appointment or worry about making thousands of dollars in repairs. But wait, rumor has it that direct buyers take advantage of sellers. Read on as we dispel three myths people believe about selling your house directly in Raleigh. 

Direct Buyers Use Unfair Methods

It’s true that many companies will send out ‘teaser’ offers to bait home sellers into entering into a purchase agreement that is riddled with contingencies. Then when the professional home inspector is sent in they use this as leverage to renegotiate the purchase price.

All direct buyers are not the same. Some are reputable local home buyers, others are just out to make a quick buck!

Local home buying companies are out to improve the lives of their Raleigh neighbors one home at a time. To be more than fair to you, a direct buyer like the professionals at Wake County Home Buyers will lay out all the numbers detailing the costs and profit you would make from a conventional listing on the MLS vs. selling your house directly. Their goal is to ensure you have a complete understanding of each sales method, understanding which works best for any constraints you face while helping you earn the most profit on the sale of your home. In addition, they will outline the time involved with selling your house directly in Raleigh to help you make the best decision.

Another aspect of traditional home sales to consider is that if you are working with an agent or listing your home independently, there simply is no guarantee of a buyer coming along, let alone a promise of the closing date. It is crucial to consider the dollar value of time lingering on the market while monthly bills continue into your calculations. 

We Buy Houses Companies Are Con Artists

There are bad apples in any profession, but this simply isn’t the case with an overwhelming majority of LOCAL we buy houses companies who work as direct buyers and have built a career on their excellent reputation, living and working right here in Raleigh. The key to finding a local and reputable we-buy-houses company is to do your online research. Does the company have a website? What about a Google My Business Page? Are their reviews on the GMB page? What about the Better Business Bureau? It is the companies job to prove that they are honest and trustworthy. This can be easily proven by a strong and reputable online presence.

Another story homeowners may have heard is that a direct buyer will string you along, acting as if they will work with you directly until they find an actual buyer for your home. Reputable direct buyers are investing in your property directly, backed with the strength of cash. Upstanding professional investors like those at Wake County Home Buyers welcome any questions you have about the process. They don’t rush you or pressure you into signing a contract.

Direct Buyers Charge Hidden Fees

Fees are common among the iBuyers. iBuyers are out-of-state companies that write thousands of offers per day and only close on a percentage of them. The difference is that they are national, and not local companies. You have to read the offer and see what fees are listed.

When you work with a local direct buyer, there are no surprise fees hidden in the contract to severely deplete the profits you thought you’d be walking away with at closing. Direct buyers do not represent anyone as agents, so you don’t need to worry about paying any real estate agent commissions off the top of the sale. There are no upfront fees before the sale, either. Everything will be spelled out clearly in writing. The contracts for a direct sale are incredibly straightforward. You won’t have to worry about paying for inspections or appraisals, and you won’t even have to pay any closing costs when you’re selling your house directly in Raleigh. When you’re working with a highly respected direct buyer like those from Wake County Home Buyers, all the numbers will be laid out clearly in the agreement you sign. Another factor in your favor is the money you will save by avoiding prepping before the sale or making any repairs. Professional investors take on all the risks of any repairs that you may leave behind because they buy homes as-is.  When you sell directly, your closing date is guaranteed, and it comes very quickly, in many cases in as little as seven days. If your new place isn’t quite ready, an investor who is a professional buyer understands that plans in life don’t always align perfectly. Because direct buyers will not be living in the home, they can hold the closing until a date that is convenient for you. 

Learn the truth for yourself. The professionals at Wake County Home Buyers have years of experience with the problems home sellers face, which is why the direct buyers at Wake County Home Buyers stop and take the time to listen to you. At Wake County Home Buyers, our goal is to help you develop the best plan for your unique situation to get the best results possible. Call Wake County Home Buyers at (919) 473-6885 or send us a message today.

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