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Why You Should Rethink Selling Your House to a Raleigh Cash Home Buyer

Why You Should Rethink Selling Your House to a Raleigh Investor

Is it always beneficial to sell your Raleigh house to a cash buyer? The best answer is that it depends. There are many properties that won’t work well for a cash buyer. Also, there are many situations where a cash offer on your house is not the best option. Read on to learn when it is best to sell your Raleigh house to a cash buyer and when it is not!

Selling a Luxury House?

Higher-end luxury home will usually not work for a local cash home buyer. These are houses that are 4,000 square feet or larger. Having 6 or more bedrooms and sometimes they have as many as 7 bathrooms. Luxury houses work best for trusted qualified agents who have experience with this type of product. The reason is that there is a smaller buyer pool available for luxury homes and this buyer pool is very selective.

As a general rule, cash home buyers stick with the affordable homes that are 2,500 square feet or less, with about 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Sometimes they are referred to as starter-houses. They are usually under the median and average price for the area. The cash home buyers at Wake County Home Buyers prefer to buy houses that are under 2,500 square feet and are priced at or below the median for the area.

Houses In Mint Condition

Houses that are in mint condition with modern updates and floor plans are generally not a good fit for local cash home buyers. If your house has been renovated, or maybe you bought a house that was just renovated by a cash buyer, this may not be a good fit for another cash buyer. Houses that have been renovated within the last two years are a better fit for an owner occupant. In that case, it is worth the investment to hire a trusted local agent. When Wake County Home Buyers buy houses that need work and does a complete renovation we always have our agent handle the listing.

Many cash home buyers look for houses that need work. The scope of work can be anything from simple cosmetic updates such as new carpet, fresh paint, and a small punch-list. To a full renovation. Full renovations can include ripping out all the interior walls and completely redesigning the floorplan. This can also include houses that have been damaged by fire, replacing the roof, siding, and HVAC systems, and completely renovating the kitchen and all bathrooms.

You Are In Need Of Money But Want To Remain In Your House

There may be exceptions to this but if you are in need of money but prefer to remain in your house, a loan secured by the house you live in may be a better fit. The reason is there are laws and regulations associated with lending money to homeowners. These scenarios are more appropriate for lending institutions and not local cash home buyers.

When Should You Sell Your Raleigh Home To a Cash Home Buyer?

If you are looking for convenience and an easy sale, then selling your Raleigh house for cash is the way to go. This will allow you to avoid the showings, open houses, and other hassles associated with preparing a house for sale on the Triangle Multiple Listing Service.

If you look at our testimonials page you can see many of the 5-star reviews mention convenience and simplicity. As a company, we can completely understand this. We choose to work with local vendors that are easy to work with. One of the main reasons we buy houses for cash is our desire to avoid all the hassles of borrowing money from banks! Simplicity and a hassle-free experience are preferable to many of us.

As-is Sale

Selling a house as-is means that you will not have to make any repairs. This ties into the benefit of an easy hassle-free sale. When working with a local cash home buyer you can sell your house as-is, with no repairs, and you don’t even have to clean. Wake County Home Buyers will never ask you to fix a thing. We will not ask you to clean and you can even discard any unwanted personal property in the home. Do you have old furniture you would prefer not to deal with? Simply leave it where it is, we can take care of it after closing.

If you decide to sell your house on the MLS keep in mind that you will be asked to make repairs during the due-diligence process. This can be a big expense, and a hassle, so be ready for it.

Sell Your House Without Stress

Often, the stress of showings is the reason many people avoid listing. Scheduling for showings doesn’t always work well with the schedule of your family members, and many sellers find themselves running non-stop to handle the strain. In addition, constantly keeping the home in show-ready condition can be draining, especially with children or pets. And if you do have pets, it’s recommended that you remove all signs of their existence for each showing appointment. These demands can be challenging, especially for last-minute out-of-town buyers, who always appear as you sit down to dinner. If the thought of strangers walking through your house and looking through your rooms online doesn’t leave you feeling comfortable, before listing, you should rethink selling your house to an Raleigh investor. With the full-service team at Wake County Home Buyers, we can arrange for you to simply pack the belongings you want to keep and leave the rest behind, even the final clean-up.

No Fees

If you sell to a cash home buyer like Wake County Home Buyers you will not be charged any fees. This is an advantage over listing your house on the market. You can avoid the brokerage fees (6%), the transaction fees, marketing fees, and staging fees.

Does that mean that all-cash buyers don’t charge fees? No! There are many iBuyers (large companies that send offers through their website) that charge up to 10% in junk fees. You have to read the fine print when getting a cash offer on your house.

Wake County Home Buyers can help you make the selling process simple. And at Wake County Home Buyers, you will feel heard because we understand that you are selling more than just your house; you are facing possibly the largest financial transaction of your lifetime. At Wake County Home Buyers, we’re here to listen and help solve your problems. If you would like to skip the updates, repairs, showings, fees, and the endless waiting for the right buyer to appear, you should sell your house to an Raleigh investor like those at Wake County Home Buyers. If you are interested in a no-obligation consultation about selling your home why not get started now. Call Wake County Home Buyers at (919) 473-6885. 

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