How I sold a house in Knightdale NC in 21 days

How I Sold a House In Knightdale, NC In 21 Days

Owning a luxury home can be a person’s lifelong dream. The perfect floor plan with just the right amount of beds and baths, giving us that office we always wanted and the opportunity to customize every inch with the right décor, color scheme, candles, and personal touch can be a blissful experience.

Is rent-to-own a rip off?

Is Rent-to-Own a Rip Off?

I’ve seen the term rent-to-own being decried as a scam all over blogs and local news. Like anything else, you have to be careful who you do business with. I explain rent-to-own in detail in another post in this blog. Here we will explore the question: is rent-to-own a rip off?

5 reasons young people should be talking about rent to own

5 Reasons Young People Should Be Talking About Rent-to-Own

The housing market is in flux right now as mortgage rates change and Millennials, a younger generation born from 1980 to 1995, are taking over as the predominant generation interested in purchasing homes. However, many Millennials are having issues with securing mortgages due to many underlying factors, most of which are financially based. The oldest … Continued