The Step By Step Process Of Selling Your Raleigh NC House In Only A Week

The Step By Step Process Of Selling Your Raleigh House In Only A Week

Did you know that it is possible to sell your Raleigh NC house in only a week? When you work with Wake County Home Buyers, you will get an easy, hassle-free sale, and a quick closing. We will work with you on your schedule to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. 

There are many situations that warrant a direct sale over a traditional MLS listing.  Those who need to CLOSE before a specific date, don’t want to deal with a laundry list of repairs, or who need cash right away, will benefit from a direct sale rather than a traditional listing.  Working with Wake County Home Buyers can help homeowners navigate any difficult situation.  People who need to sell by a certain date, or who need plenty of time to find another place will find huge benefits when selling their home directly to Wake County Home Buyers.

Do you need to sell for any of these reasons?

  • You’ve missed a mortgage payment and are worried about losing your home?
  • You’re tired of being a landlord and dealing with tenant hassles?
  • A loved one has died and you inherited an unwanted property?
  • You owe back taxes on your property
  • You are getting divorced and would benefit from an easy off-market sale
  • There is another investment you’d like to make that is contingent on the sale of your current property
  • There are liens against the house and you don’t have the means to pay them off
  • There are code violations on the property preventing you from moving forward
  • You don’t have enough equity to pay real estate commissions and closing costs
  • You’re dealing with a sudden illness that has become expensive

These are just a few of the reasons why people want to sell their houses in only a week. Our team can make it possible for you no matter how difficult your situation may seem or how quickly you need to close.

Analyze The Cost Of Sale

Take the time to think about the cost of sale.  We sell dozens of properties on the MLS each year and it always costs us at least $10,000.  It is true that an owner occupant will pay more money, there is no guarantee one will buy your home.  Also, they will use a home inspector to come up with a laundry list of repairs and beat you up with repair requests and concessions.  We recently renovated and sold a house in North Raleigh.  There was a lengthy repair negotiation and a last minute request involving the heating and cooling unit 24 hours before closing.  This can be very stressful to those that are not as familiar with the process.

As a professional home buying company we anticipate having to spend money on repairs, cleaning, staging, and agent commissions.  There are also holding costs associated with the process. The traditional listing process can be more expensive than you may think. It is important to explore all of your selling options while being careful to account for all of the expenses each selling method will incur.

Get An Offer Today

When you contact Wake County Home Buyers, getting an offer is a very simple.  While we don’t buy every property we look at, we try hard to have a solution for everyone who calls us.  We are very thorough in learning your selling goals and when you need to move.  We consider our home sellers are clients and we treat them accordingly. If you accept, we will typically be able to close on your property in 7 days or less. Of course, the actual day of closing is completely up to you.

Sell And Be Done

If you accept our offer the only thing you’ll have to worry about is gathering the belongings you want to keep and moving out.  You can even leave behind the items you no longer want!  While we are able to close on your house in only a week, we understand that you may not be ready that quickly. We will work with you to close on the day that is easiest for you. We will take care of the repairs, the cleaning, and the items you wish to leave behind. Our goal is to make the selling price as fair and convenient for you as possible.

As you can see, the process of selling your house in only a week isn’t very complicated when you work with Wake County Home Buyers. We will make you an offer and close when you are ready. Often within seven days or less. You can always count on us for a great offer and exceptional customer service. Feel free to reach out to us with questions at any time.

Do you want to sell your Raleigh NC house in only a week? Reach out to us today to find out how simple and beneficial the process can be! 19196676331

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