Tips For Making The Sale Of Your House In Raleigh NC Quick And Painless

The sale of your house in the Raleigh NC area can be a fast and easy process. It doesn’t have to be a big headache that takes months from your life. There are other options for those that want to sell their house in Raleigh NC and nearby areas of Wake County.

Many people think that they need to hire an agent to sell their Raleigh NC area house, however, this is NOT the case! Many homeowners are choosing to sell their properties directly to a professional buyer. The latter will allow you to sell quickly, without any cost or appraisals. Below are some tips to help you make the sale of your Raleigh NC house quick and painless!

Find A Reputable Direct Buyer

The fastest and easiest way to sell a house in Raleigh NC is to get a cash offer from a LOCAL buyer. At Otranto Real Estate Co – Mike Buys Houses, we are able to pay cash, as-is (no repairs), no fees, we pay closing costs. By selling your house directly, you will avoid things like agent commissions, repair costs, marketing expenses, and the continued costs of ownership. We are able to close in only a few days. If you use an FSBO listing or hire a Raleigh NC real estate agent, the process can take months. This equates to thousands of dollars spent each month on taxes, insurance, utility bills, and maintenance.

Sell Your House As-Is

When searching for cash home buyers in North Carolina, beware of large internet based companies that buy houses nationally.  Many homeowners tell me that they tried to do business with these companies and that they go under contract and then SLAP them with huge repair lists.  Then they stop talking to the seller completely!  That is a terrible way to do business.

At Otranto Real Estate Co – Mike Buys Houses we buy houses as-is, meaning you don’t have to make any repairs.  You don’t have to clean and you can leave behind whatever stuff you don’t want.. we’ll take care of it.

Avoid Selling Fees And Commissions

To avoid all agent commissions and fees you can opt for a “For Sale By Owner” Listing, or you can choose to sell directly to a professional homebuyer. By skipping the middleman, you will be able to keep the 6% commission in your pocket. Some agents also charge for marketing and administrative costs. If you are planning on hiring an agent, make sure you know what exactly is covered in your listing agreement as not all agent are the same.

Close with certainty

Many offers fall through due to financing contingencies.  Banks won’t loan the buyer money.  The big internet company stopped talking to me a week after we signed the agreement.  Deal with a professional, local home buyer with good references.  That means doing business with someone who will close when they say they are going to close.

Compare Your Options

There are a number of ways to sell a house in Raleigh NC. You can opt to hire an agent as long as you are ok with the upfront costs, and no guaranteed sale date. Selling a home by owner can work if you have some experience. Keep in mind, everything is on you from showing the property to processing the paperwork to answering all of the buyer’s questions (which can get irritating).  With a direct sale to Otranto Real Estate Co – Mike Buys Houses, we will handle everything. You won’t have to deal with cleaning, repairs, staging or paperwork. We make things simple so you can sell and move on.

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