When Is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House?

701,000 homes have already been sold in the United States this year. With real estate being such a competitive market, many sellers wonder when the best time of year to sell their home is. To sell quickly and get the most out of the home, that answer depends on a variety of factors. So, when is … Continued

How to Move if Your House Hasn’t Sold Yet in Raleigh NC

So you’ve found your dream home. Congratulations! But there is a problem: your current house is still on the market. Does this mean you have to give up your dream? In this article, we hope to help you figure out how to move if your house hasn’t sold yet in Raleigh NC. The home selling … Continued

5 Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Raleigh NC

Buying and selling a home are two very different processes. First time home sellers may not know all that goes into successfully selling their house. It takes some work to find a buyer while getting the price you want. 5 best tips for first time home SELLERS!  Photography & Advertising Most buyers will first come into contact with … Continued

Cash For Houses In Raleigh NC – Is it right for you?

You’ve seen the signs at almost every street corner or off-ramp, “Cash for houses in Raleigh NC.” Some of these are cartoonish signs and others might even be handwritten, nailed to a light pole. Some ‘cash for houses’ signs make claims they buy houses in any condition and for competitive rates and all cash. If … Continued

7 Common Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Home Sellers in Raleigh

Suggested Meta DescriptionIf you live in Raleigh, NC and are trying to sell your home, proper maintenance will help you find a buyer. Here are common maintenance mistakes to avoid.Targeted Keywordscommon maintenance mistakesBody Are you ready to sell your home for cash in Raleigh, NC, and already feeling overwhelmed? Before you even begin cleaning, staging, and marketing … Continued

Average Home Price In Wake County May 2020

As you saw from the last post on Raleigh NC real estate market trends inventory is down and prices are up! This is still the case for homes in Wake County NC as of May 2020. This is still the case for May but the numbers are different from last month. Let’s take a look … Continued

6 Hot Summer Home Selling Tips in Raleigh NC

With the intense heat right around the corner, sellers are wondering what’s the best way to sell their house in the summer and if there are tricks and tips they can use to sell this season. In this blog post, you’ll read 6 hot summer home selling tips in Raleigh NC… While June is still … Continued