How To Determine The Value of Your Land In Raleigh

Do you know the true value of your land in Raleigh? It can be tough to determine the fair market value of a piece of land. In our latest post, we offer some ways to help you get a better idea of what your land is worth! Determining an accurate value for your land can … Continued

The Benefits of Selling Directly To A Cash Buyer – Zebulon NC

I’m on site today at our latest renovation project!  This is a 2-acre property in Zebulon NC.  It has a private wooded lot and will make an exciting project.  The interesting thing about this house is it demonstrates the benefits of selling directly to a cash buyer. The seller of this home has accumulated several … Continued

5 Ways To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast In Raleigh

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Average Home Prices Wake County NC June 2019

Many wonder what home prices are like in Raleigh NC.  Is it affordable to live in Raleigh?  Is it affordable to live in Wake County as a whole?  What is the average home price in Raleigh?  The Triangle Multiple Listing Service publishes market data on a regular basis.  This is a wealth of information about … Continued

The Benefits of a Direct Sale - Flexible Closing Date

The Benefits of a Direct Sale – Flexible Closing Date

Hey everybody, this is Mike Otranto with Wake County Home Buyers.  I’m in front of a house that we bought for cash in Youngsville NC.  This is a nice three bedroom two bathroom ranch house on one acre of land.  In this particular situation, the original owner had passed away and her children were left … Continued

What is a due diligence period when selling a house?

Scroll Down to Watch The Video Hey everybody, this is Mike Otranto with Wake County Home Buyers.  One of the things I want to talk about today is one of the most difficult things to deal with when selling a house.  Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor there will be an “inspection process” when … Continued

New Renovation in Downtown Raleigh

This is our most recent purchase at Wake County Home Buyers.  It went under contract last week on we closed on it on Tuesday 5/21/19.  This house is located on Alston Street in Downtown Raleigh NC and we will be completely rebuilding this home.  Wake County Home Buyers is partnered with Redeeming Development Group, which … Continued

4 Things To Do With Land In Raleigh

As a landowner or potential landowner, you may be wondering how to make the land really work for you. You want to generate profits from the land, but how? In our latest post, we discuss what to do with land in Raleigh. While many people buy land to add to their portfolio, with big plans … Continued