5 Misconceptions People Have About Professional Home Buyers in Raleigh

When considering such a significant and vital financial transaction as selling your home, when you believe information that is incorrect about your options, it is self-limiting and can be costly in many ways. Yet, professional home buyers are successful because their service is in demand by those who investigated all of their choices and found … Continued

Selling a House As Is (Pet Damage)

Speaker 1: A lot of our clients or a lot of the houses that we buy are from people that own lots of pets. So we have a very common problem that we come to solve is pet damage. So pet urine can permeate flooring, hardwood flooring, carpet, padding, and then permeate the subflooring. So…

4 Reasons to Sell Your Raleigh House Directly

You are likely to avoid what you don’t understand; however, this often leads to missed opportunities. There are many different situations, issues with properties, and reasons for selling. When the time comes to sell your home, the traditional market and all the trappings of a real estate agent aren’t always a perfect fit. So, it’s … Continued

4 Tips for Selling an Old House in Raleigh

While older homes are often quite charming, their age can be of concern to buyers. Because of the unique challenges that older homes can present, you must take special care to improve your odds of a deal. Therefore, we’ve gathered together our top four tips for selling an old house in Raleigh. Price Believe it … Continued