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How Much Your Empty House in Raleigh is Really Costing You

Selling a home can be an exciting prospect for many homeowners. Some dread the idea of making all those decisions as well as negotiating a complex transaction. If you have decided to list your house for sale with an agent ask yourself if you have factored in all the costs. This is especially important if … Continued

A Breakdown of Fees for Homeowners Listing Their Homes in Raleigh

There are far more expenses involved in listing a home in Raleigh than most homeowners realize. Having realistic expectations about actual listing costs allows homeowners to prepare themselves financially. Many times homeowners underestimate the cost of listing and selling a home and run out of money in the middle of the process. Read on as … Continued

3 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Raleigh

Do you own a home you want to sell? You may want to read this entire article before you reach out to an agent. The traditional real estate market is not a perfect fit for every property or seller, for that matter. The industry standards for listing homes have evolved; staging properties and high-quality digital … Continued

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Raleigh

Knowing how to estimate the cost of repairs is not easy to do. Especially in our current climate of inflation and escalating costs. The cost of home repair will vary depending on the city and state where you reside. In general, larger cities like San Francisco and New York will be much more expensive. Since … Continued