4 Tips For Better Curb Appeal

When selling your own home presentation is important.  Selling your own home is no easy task but it can be done with right knowledge and persistence.  Putting the “For Sale By Owner” sign in the lawn is just the beginning.  We must present our product in the best light possible and one of the first thing a buyer sees is the landscape.  Below are 4 Tips For Better Curb Appeal

Real estate appraiser Frank Lucco, SRA, shared his insights on the importance of curb appeal in an interview with Lawn and Landscape magazine.

According to Lucco, a major component of curb appeal is landscaping. He emphasized that landscaping accounts for 85 percent of what a potential buyer will see when they survey the outside of a home.

#1 Manicured Lawn

A well-manicured lawn is essential for selling a house fast.  Grass that is lush green in color will do wonders for your curb appeal. Make sure there are no dead spots in the lawn and definitely do a thorough weeding!  Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune on elaborate fountains and exotic plants but the front lawn must be neat and clean.  This includes edging.  Be sure to cut a nice clean edge around the perimeter of your grass.  You can do the weeding, edging, and put down the seed yourself or you can get a quote from a landscaper.

#2 Trim Trees and Bushes

Trim trees and bushes that may be overgrown or touching the house.  Not only are these unsightly but they trigger concern in the potential buyer that they will fall over and damage their single largest investment.  First time home buyers are very skittish.  Don’t give them any reason to be concerned.

#3 Mailbox

When selling your own home you want to portray a professional image.  Is your mailbox clean looking or is it rusted and crooked?  Does the flag work properly?4 Tips For Better Curb AppealIf your mailbox is rusted out go ahead and replace it with an affordable alternative.  If not, make sure it is clean and free of rust.  What about the stand?  Is it nice and straight or is it leaning over and crooked?  Straighten a crooked mailbox and don’t be afraid to give a wooden stand a fresh coat of exterior paint.

#4 Sidewalk and Driveway

Is the sidewalk and driveway molded and stained?  A power washer can work wonders on dirty and stained concrete.  Don’t forget about the little patches of grass that grow through the seams and cracks.  A well-manicured look needs to be consistent. A power washer can be rented on a daily basis to save money!

If you’re selling your own home don’t be shy about putting a little elbow grease into it.  Remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Necessary equipment can be rented instead of bought.  Visit your local Lowes and Home Depot and check the sale isles!

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