Painting Tips For A Quick Home Sale

If you’re wondering how to sell your house quickly, you must present your home in the best light. Proper painting can be one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to score major brownie points with potential home buyers. Remember the adage you never get a second chance to make a first impression? The following are painting tips for a quick home sale.

Touch Up All Scuff Marks & Scratches

You’ve already impressed your potential buyer with your well-manicured lawn and landscaping, so now you can prove your home was worth the visit with a clean and crisp interior. Make sure to touch up scratches, scuff marks, and other blemishes on all of your interior walls. The last thing a buyer wants to see is someone else’s wear and tear. You can use a “magic eraser” and then follow up with some light touch-up paint.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Work Wonders

Painting Tips For a Quick Home SaleWhile you have your paintbrush out, remember that a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for selling a house fast. Freshly painted walls give a room a sense of vitality. Remember, buying a house is an emotional process, and you want your prospects to have a glowing smile on their face while touring your home. Go with neutral and subtle colors. Different shades of white help reflect natural light to make the room appear brighter. Different buyers have different tastes, so strong colors may turn off some buyers. Pale shades of beige work well when contrasted against white molding.

Do Not Forget To Patch

Make sure you patch all holes and any other damage to the sheetrock.Paint Tips To Sell Your House Fast A sloppy paint job is just as bad as no paint at all.  Compounds can be found at your local hardware store to fill in holes. Remember to sand the compound down to a smooth surface before painting over it. Also, invest in some drop clothes while painting. Avoid getting paint on your carpet and flooring.

Use More Than One Color

How to sell a house yourselfAccent walls can work wonders for creating a sense of style and ambiance. They can also make the interior of a home appear larger. Try not to do too many accent walls. One accent wall in the master bedroom and one in the living area will work well. Remember to stay with soft, neutral colors.

Remember that when selling a home fast you want to attract as many potential buyers in the shortest time possible!

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