5 Steps to Safely Selling a House During COVID-19

Historically, spring has not only been an indicator that warmer weather was on the way, but it was also the start of the house-selling season. Compared to 2019, national house listings in April of 2020 saw a 27% decline.

Real estate is definitely taking a hit during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking to buy and sell. Finding a way to do this safely is imperative, and many are asking: How do you sell during this time?

There are some steps to selling a house during COVID-19 that you should consider taking. Read on to find out what these are.

Steps to Selling a House

Even in good economic times, selling a home can be a challenging process. During the current crisis, it seems almost impossible to find buyers who are interested in your property.

Take heart. If you are wondering how to sell a house quickly during these troubling times, there are some things you can do.

1. Use Virtual Tours to Your Advantage

Even though you’ve added photos to the MLS and other online listing sites, these probably aren’t going to sell your house. While they are beneficial when it comes to getting buyers interested in your property, it’s hard to get a feel for the home through a picture.

Of course, many people are nervous about touring homes at the moment. No one knows what they may encounter, and no one wants to risk getting sick.

Thus, using virtual tours can work to your advantage.

Virtual tours have been growing in popularity lately because they make it easy for people to see the inside of a home without having to leave theirs.

It’s not hard to find the technology that will make it possible for potential buyers to tour your home without having to step foot inside.

The easiest way to achieve this goal is to use your camera and walk through your home. You can even point out features that you think others might be interested in.

Then, you can upload your video to social media and real estate websites so that others can get a good look at your home.

2. Keep Your House Clean

In the past, you needed to keep your home clean so that it would be appealing to potential buyers as they walked through. Now, it’s important to reduce the chances of anyone getting sick.

While the number of people who are doing house walkthroughs has declined across the country, and particularly in the Raleigh area, this doesn’t mean that it has gone away completely.

The best way to determine if a house is going to work for the buyer is to see it in person. Thus, showings are still occurring.

Not only should you be cleaning your house before people arrive, but it’s also a good idea to clean it after they leave. This includes spraying down commonly touched surfaces with a product that can kill viruses. Focus on doorknobs, countertops, and handrails.

You might also consider having hand sanitizer and shoe covers available at the door for people to use as they enter and leave your home.

3. Take Steps to Reduce the Surfaces That Are Touched in Your Home

In addition to cleaning and sanitizing your home, if people are coming for an in-person visit, you may want to take some steps to ensure they aren’t touching more surfaces than necessary.

This includes leaving doors open for easy access to every part of your home, including closet and cupboard doors.

4. Limit the Number of People in Your Home

When it comes to showing your house, the vast majority of agents are no longer doing open houses at this point in time.

In addition to canceling open houses, it’s also a good idea to limit the number of individuals who want to do an in-person tour of your home.

This might include only allowing potential buyers who have pre-approval letters to view your home in person. This will reduce the number of look-loos who enter your home, as well as reduce the chances of being exposed to COVID-19.

You might also ask that potential buyers don’t bring their children when touring your home. This can further reduce the chances of the virus being spread throughout your home.

5. Maintain the Distance Between You and the Inspector

If you get to the point where a buyer has made an offer on your home, they will more than likely have an inspector come and check out the property. Thankfully, it’s possible for this to occur with minimal contact.

In some cases, the inspector may allow you to stay in the home, but they will ask you and your family to seclude yourself away from where they are working.

They should also wear face masks, booties, and gloves. As soon as the inspector and buyers leave, it’s a good idea to wipe everything down.

The same might occur with the appraisal—it will all depend on the lender. It may even be possible to have the appraisal done with no contact at all.

Find out if the lender will allow the appraisal to be conducted by driving by the home or looking at photos. This will reduce the number of people in your home and keep everyone safe.

Buying and Selling Homes has Been Changed by the Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted how people buy and sell homes, and the number of people currently selling is less than at the same time last year. Many people in Raleigh NC are pulling their homes from the market due to fears and restrictions created by the virus. However, the process hasn’t completed stopped.

To keep yourself safe during these uncertain times, it’s in your best interest to follow specific steps to selling a house.

If these steps seem like too much work or you are still worried about contracting the virus, you might consider selling your home for cash.

When you take this route, you won’t have to worry about people coming to your home for showings or even making repairs.

At Wake County Home Buyers, we buy houses in any condition and pay cash—and we can do everything online. During these uncertain times, this may be your best option when it comes to selling your house and keeping your family safe. Contact us today!

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