6 Reasons for Selling a House As Is

Selling your home can be a stressful experience.

You have to find the right agent. You have to clean, update, and stage your home. Then you have to wait for the offers to roll in and figure out which ones to turn down and which to accept.

This can take anywhere from a few weeks if you’re lucky enough to live in a hot market, to a few years in a bad one.

But while choosing to sell house as is can seem like a great way to save time and money, it’s often the opposite. We’re breaking down why.

Selling Your House As Is
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Why Selling a Home As Is Can Be a Challenge

Selling a home “as-is” means the seller will not be making any repairs.

After all, as is usually means that there are plenty of repairs needed, ranging from minor issues to major fixes.

Many individual home buyers aren’t going to be interested in spending their money on a project that could end up costing them far more money and time than a move-in-ready home would.

Selling as is often isn’t as easy as simply listing your home and getting away from it without putting in any work at all. Laws prevent homeowners from selling homes without disclosing any defects.  Laws vary from state to state and often change.  In North Carolina, homeowners are required to fill out a Residential Property Disclosure.

Listing these defects can cause your home to sit on the market until a buyer comes along who is willing and able to deal with these issues.

Depending on how significant the problems are, this can take quite a while.

But even these problems don’t mean that you can’t sell a house as is. If you’ve found yourself with a fixer-upper or other home that you simply don’t want to deal with, there are ways to sell as-is.

The secret is that you need to sell as-is to a local investor, not an individual.

Keep reading to learn 6 reasons why choosing to sell a house as-is to a local investor is a great way to save time, money, and stress.

1. You’ll Save Money on Repairs and Staging

Depending on how much work your home needs, you could end up making quite an investment to get your home ready for the market.

If you want to get your home looking like new, this could mean new appliances, flooring, paint, and more.

Even if your home is modern and up-to-date and you’re just looking to increase curb appeal, the costs can still climb. New landscaping, paint, and other cosmetic fixes can be expensive.

But when you sell to a local investor, you can walk away from your home no matter its condition, and get cash right away.

6 Reasons for Selling a House As Is
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2. You Can Get Your Home Sold Right Away

Not only are home improvements expensive, but they are also time-consuming.

If you choose to make changes to your home before you sell, you’ll have to wait until these are complete before you can start listing your home.

If you choose to DIY these home improvements, you’ll face weeks or even months of hard work. If you’re also working, taking care of kids, or have other commitments, this can take even longer.

If you choose to hire a contractor, you can get the job done faster, but it’ll also come at a cost.

Every extra dollar that you spend to get these improvements done is another dollar out of the potential profit that you could be getting from your home.

Selling to an investor eliminates the lengthy market time that you’d get if you tried to sell a house as-is to an individual, or if you fixed up a home to sell.

3. You’ll Avoid Contingencies and Hassles

Selling a home that needs a lot of repairs can make a seller vulnerable after the home goes under contract.  Most buyers will get an inspection, and many times the bank will want a copy of the report.  Inspectors are incentivized to call out every little defect in the property and the buyer then submits repair requests.  This results in a  lot of last minutes concessions that are costly.

But when you sell to a local investor, they assume all liability, taking the risk, and burden, off your shoulders.

6 Reasons for Selling a House As Is
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4. You Can Skip the Showings, Inspections, and More

Selling a finished home or fixer-upper means going through tons of lengthy inspections, agent visits and meetings, and showings.

You’ll have to take time off work, clean your home, stay away during showings, and more.

If your home stays on the market a while, this can be a huge inconvenience. But selling to a local investor requires just one or two quick visits.

5. You Can Skip the Agent

If you’re planning to put work into your home and place it on the market, you’ll need an agent.

While you can sell your home on your own, you won’t have the skills or reach of an agent, which can leave your home on the market longer and cost you profit.

But hiring an agent is expensive. When you’re trying to sell your home to pay debts, raise money to buy another home, or simply to get a return on your investment, this means cutting into your profits from the sale.

If you choose to try to sell your home as-is on the market, you could be looking at keeping an agent around for months or even years, further draining any potential profit.

But if you choose to sell a house as is to an investor, you’ll skip the agent fees.

6. You Can Get a Cash Offer

6 Reasons for Selling a House As Is
Image Credit – Mark_Moz on Flickr

There is another reason that makes the choice to sell a house as is such a popular choice. It provides the best profit for those who choose to sell their home for a cash offer.

A cash offer from a local cash home buyer is a great way to avoid foreclosure or get quick cash on a property that you can use to settle debts, buy another property, or cover other sudden expenses.

Making the Decision to Sell House As Is

Choosing to sell your house as-is offers a range of benefits.

You’ll save tons of money on updates and changes. You’ll save the time it would take to make updates, stage your home, and more.

But you’ll only enjoy these benefits if you sell a house as-is to a local investor.

If you’re sick of your home sitting on the market or recently decided to sell and want to get rid of your home fast, fill out the form below for a cash offer today! We’ll get you an offer fast, to help you get rid of your home and get the money you deserve.

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