Top New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Home

New Year’s Renovation Ideas for Your Home (Guest Post)

One of the best ways to welcome a new year is to breathe new life into your home.  Not only can you add to your enjoyment of your abode, you can update the look and features of the home.  Top it all off with the satisfaction of being able to point to your work and say, “I did that!”  Let’s get started!

Bathroom facelift.  Interested in tackling a significant project?  Giving a bathroom a new look is an affordable project with big impact, and the work is within the skill set of many homeowners.  Install a new vanity countertop in a trendy material like granite.  Add a mirror, faucet, and hardware to make the whole room look new.  Refresh your old vanity with a coat of paint and make any wall repairs before you start.  If you’re pretty handy, you could install the new countertop, mirror, and faucet in the course of a long weekend.  If it’s a stretch for your skills or the bathroom is needing extensive work, consider calling in a pro.  Also, if you’re adding plumbing to your project, some experts recommend steering clear of doing it yourself.  Plumbing can involve safety concerns and generally requires specialized training.  HomeAdvisor estimates the average price for a professional contractor to completely remodel a bathroom is $5,912 – $15,280, and it takes four to five weeks.


Kitchen countertop.  Once you tackle a new countertop in the bathroom, you may feel confident enough to try your skills in the kitchen.  According to some professionals, this may be a bit trickier.  You’ll need to accommodate fluctuations in the wall by trimming your countertop to fit, navigate corners, customize sizing, and add finishing touches.  You can find full instructions online, but consider carefully how much experience and ability you have before committing.  You may decide having a construction zone in your kitchen for however long it takes, and the effort, energy, and frustration, isn’t worth it.  You should call in a professional if it’s more than you are comfortable taking on!


Fresh paint.  A fresh coat of paint is one of the most popular and exciting ways to spruce up your home, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The experts at Houzz point out you are best off with some forethought and prepwork.  Light colors often look best in rooms with a lot of natural light, and dark colors can take several coats.  Select your color and finish carefully in accordance with both what you like and how you’ll use the space.  Before you begin, fill all nail holes and wash walls if needed.  Some projects will require priming, for instance, if you are covering marked up walls.  Work top to bottom and from one end of the room to another, one section at a time.


Right tool for the job.  Whatever projects you decide to take on, be sure you have appropriate tools in your toolbox before you start so the work goes smoothly.  For instance, a good drill can be worth its weight in gold.  Do your research by checking tool reviews online to ensure you choose wisely.


Recognize your limitations.  Some projects are always best left to professionals for reasons of safety and skill.  Unless you have special training and experience, some experts advise avoiding roof repairs, removing walls, electrical projects such as installing new fixtures, and installing dishwashers and other plumbing projects.


Remodeling resolutions.  Start your new year with refreshing home projects.  Choose upgrades within your skill set, and plan carefully.  Hire a pro if a project exceeds your abilities.  You’ll find satisfaction and enjoyment in your home improvement inspirations!

Written by Danny Knight. 

Danny is a dad living in Philadelphia. He enjoys DIY projects almost as much as raising his two children. He is the co-creator of, which offers tips for home improvement projects.

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