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What Does it Mean to Have a Distressed Property in Raleigh?

A property can be labeled as distressed if it severely dilapidated, has fire damaged, or water damaged. However, there are more subtle forms of distress. This can be pet damage, or an excessive amount of personal belongings that have accumulated in the home over time.

Although listing and selling your home can be a good solution to this problem, it’s not always that simple. Should you have a distressed property in Raleigh, read on to learn what it may mean to you.

Time Crunch

If you have a distressed property in Raleigh that is behind on mortgage payments, you’ve likely started receiving notifications from the lender. This would put you in a time crunch because the longer you wait the more debt accumulates and your equity in the home erodes.  If you have a house that has deferred maintenance the longer you wait, the more expensive and extensive the repairs are becoming by the day.

Another issue with listing your home for sale on the MLS is the concessions you will be asked to make after the due diligence period. Most buyers prefer homes in ready-to-move-in condition so that you may get little interest on the MLS. If you search for cash home buyers near me like those at Wake County Home Buyers will make you an offer with a guaranteed closing date within days or set to the day that’s convenient for you.

Using a Real Estate Agent

The traditional marketplace and listing process aren’t always suitable for a distressed property in Raleigh. Understanding that you’re not in the best of positions for bargaining if you’re working under time constraints or have serious concerns about passing the inevitable inspection, you’re likely aware the offers you get, if any, will be far less than fair. In addition to the real estate commissions, fees and closing costs can quickly eat away at your remaining profits. On the other hand, a direct buyer like those at Wake County Home Buyers doesn’t charge commissions.

Listing Your Property Yourself

Much like listing with a real estate agent when you have a distressed property in Raleigh, you’ll face all of the same expenditures, less the commissions. Your emotional and financial investment in the home can make negotiations difficult, especially when the offer is insultingly low. A direct buyer will lay out precisely what your home would earn through the listing and the expenses you would pay vs. accepting our cash offer, which comes with no out-of-pocket costs and is the amount you’ll receive at the closing. You can sell your house as-is to a direct buyer when you have a distressed property in Raleigh. The direct buyers at Wake County Home Buyers don’t hide any details about the amount of our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. 

Wake County Home Buyers

At Wake County Home Buyers, we are a local cash home buyer that buys houses as-is. This means you will not have to make any repairs, or clean. We do not charge any fees..none! As an added benefit we will pay the closing costs to make the sale easier on you.

Wake County Home Buyers will listen carefully to your need and concerns, and answer your questions thoroughly, with no obligation whatsoever. We do this because at Wake County Home Buyers, we want you to be certain that you made the best choice out of all options available for your situation. Contact Wake County Home Buyers today at (919) 473-6885 to learn more!

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