Tips For Selling a Home During Fall in Raleigh NC

Fall is here, which brings a sigh of relief to many Wake County residents including myself.  I love the 60 – 70 degree weather, not only does it offer a reprieve from the scorching heat of the summer,  many find it much easier to sleep when temperatures dip into the 50’s overnight. 

Changes in season bring changes in consumer behavior.  To remain competitive in the real estate market in Raleigh, certain house-keeping items need to be made to adapt to the new season…

Selling a home during fall in Raleigh NC
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Here are some quick tips for selling a home during fall in Raleigh NC

Curb appeal

This is the time to rake up all the leaves and debris.  For us North Carolinian’s, this usually means cleaning up pine straw, and lots of it!  I have 4 pine trees on one of my properties and it makes an unsightly mess.

Try a power rake to free up the thatch layer that accumulates underneath the surface of the lawn.  For Garner residents, Hudson’s Hardware has a friendly staff and plenty of outdoor equipment to rent at a reasonable price.

Autumn flowers, such as mums, can be planted in pots and placed strategically along the walkway or porch.  Don’t forget to add a pumpkin or two, to spice things up a bit.


Selling a home during fall in Raleigh NC
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Whether you have a wood burning fire place, or gas/electric, make sure it is cleaned out and free of cob-webs.  For wood-burners, showcasing this feature during showings and open houses can really add character and flair.  Some home-staging companies will arrange candles, and other conversation pieces in the fireplace to accent the decorum of the surrounding space.


North Carolina gets hot during the summer!  This means that the A/C is running full force 24/7.  Be sure to change the air filter.  Also, when was the last time the HVAC equipment was serviced?

I had inspected the air handler on one of my rentals recently and noticed water pooling in the tray.  It turns out the unit needed to be serviced, even though it was working fine.  I’ve been a customer of Northern Exposure HVAC since the mid-2000’s and I’ve always been happy!  Give Chuck a call  for all your HVAC needs.

Selling a home during fall in Raleigh NC
Photo by Matthew Pla on Unsplash

Autumn Accented Colors

Autumn accented, pillows, bedding, candles, and other decorum can be great for setting the mood for the fall season.  Tasteful shades or red, orange, and golden yellow are great for setting the mood for the fall season.


Is the fall a good time to sell?  This is a question that gets asked a lot.  I like to stick with the basics of selling a home.  Are you the home owner, ready to sell?  Are you and your spouse on the same page and have the same expectations? Is the home priced correctly?

When looking at the numbers from last year, the average time it took to sell a house in Wake County in September 2016 was 35 days, when compared with 43 days in December 2016.  The average days on market in 2017 has improved when compared with last year, however, the data shows it will take longer to find a buyer the closer you get to the end of the year.  Keep this in mind when making your plans to move.

Happy selling!

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